At silver oak pe-tcare we know vaccines keep your pet free from common contagious diseases. Our vaccine protocol follows the guidelines set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). All puppies and kittens should receive vaccines starting at 6-7 weeks of age, boostered every 2-4 weeks until approximately 15-16 weeks of age, or when the vaccine series is completed.

Most adult pets should receive annual booster for many vaccines, except for canine Rabies, which is given every 3 years to dogs. However, since no two pets are the same or lead the same life our vaccine protocols are custom tailored for his or her specific needs based on your input.Did you know even your indoor cat is at risk for diseases?

Open windows, visiting pets, and newly adopted pets are possible sources of preventable diseases for your indoor cat.We will gladly discuss our pediatric or adult pet vaccine protocols with you at any time.Enter your text here...

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