Get those terms mixed up? Don’t worry, lots of people do. Spay, for females is a complete ovariohysterectomy or removal of the ovaries and uterus. For males, a neuter is an orchidectomy or removal of the testes. Most pet owners today understand the long term health benefits of having their pets spayed or neutered such as prevention of mammary (breast) cancers and common prostate diseases such as BPH. Did you know if a female is spayed before the onset of “puberty” that her chances of ever developing a breast tumor are almost zero?Safety and comfort are the primary goals for our surgical patients.

 Hopefully this is the only surgery your pet will ever have, and at silver oak pet-care we make certain that this procedure is as safe as possible. Before we begin any anesthetic procedure we will strongly recommend pre-operative blood work to evaluate liver and kidney function, among other important tests, exactly like what your own Doctor’s office would do for you.Once the test results have been reviewed by our Veterinarians, your pet’s surgery will be scheduled based on your most convenient day. We will ask you not to feed your pet for 12 hours prior to that scheduled time. Every patient will have only the safest drugs available administered under the direct supervision of our Veterinarians.

Anesthesia is closely monitored by state-of-the-art-equipment and our highly trained, licensed, and experienced staff. Our patients are always kept comfortable with heated table surfaces, plenty of soft comfortable bedding, and proper pain management.Most pet owners positively groan thinking their pet may have to wear the dreaded Elizabethan collar (satelite dish or cone of shame). For that reason and your pet's comfort, our surgical incisions are usually closed with absorbable sutures underneath the skin. This method provides the most cosmetic appearance and with no “outside” stitches to lick, most pets tend to ignore their incisions. Best of all, no “satellite dish” needed!

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