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Silver Oak Pet Care doesn't just provide modern and innovative veterinary care. We are changing what you can expect from your veterinarian. Modernisation, convenient and ever compassionate....we are the partner you've been waiting for.

Our Approach

Our approach revolves around comprehensive competent and compassionate care programme to ensure highest quality of life for your pet. We are dedicated to provide best care your pet. At silver oak pet care we offer medical and surgical care. Our well trained doctors and staff are available to help answer all your questions and concerns regarding your pet.

About Silver Oak Pet Care


We have a vision for a deeper kind of care. It starts with rethinking the vet-client relationship. We take a partnership approach. We work with you, get to know you, educate you, and form long term relationships. It starts with listening…. truly listening. Longer appointment times mean we can take the time to focus on you, understand what your real concerns or goals are, and pay attention to the little details that truly matter in your life. Being attentive, thorough, and deeply empathetic isn’t just important in being a good human, it is critical in elevating veterinary care to new heights. And when your passion is in making a difference in the lives of people and pets, nothing less will do.


Great medicine requires more than exceptional doctors. It takes an entire team who is passionate, communicative, and inspired to reach their potential. We know that our team is our greatest asset. That is why we are so particular about who we hire. But more importantly, that is why we are so passionate about helping our employees reach their potential. Coaching, development, life planning, we believe in real leadership and culture. Because we love our people. And when you have a happy team who is constantly pushing to be excellent, incredible things happen for your pet’s medical care.

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Specialist Veterinarians

The doctors at the hospital have over 30 years national and international of experience in Veterinary services and international exposure.

Dr Simrat Sagar Singh is a renowned surgeon and clinician. He had a PhD from University of Liverpool, UK and DVM from Canada

Dr Kulbir Singh Sandhu is a renowned microbiologist.He is a PhD from University of Guelph Canada

We, at Silver Oak Pet Care understand that pets are an important member of your family and are committed to provide them with the most advanced medical and surgical care under one roof.

Dr. Simrat Sagar Singh, DVM

Ph.D (Liverpool, UK)
DVM (CVMA, Canada)
B.V.Sc & A.H, M.V.Sc (PAU)

Dr. Kulbir Singh Sandhu

Ph.D (OVC, GUELPH, Canada)
B.V.Sc & A.H, M.V.Sc (PAU)

Dr. Nuvpreet

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Kunver Gagneja

Associate Veterinarian

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After weeks of struggle with many doctors, my Golden Retriever finally started getting better with their treatment. I would like to thank them for it and would recommend him to all.

Prabhjot Student

Staff is incredibly friendly and you can tell they really do care about your pets. The lobby area is clean and smells great even for a dog daycare place. They made us feel very comfortable leaving our two dogs there. Plus I love that there is a vet clinic there as well so you know if anything ever happens, professional care is literally next door.

Kulwinder Mankoo Financial Consultant

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